The Commission consists of nine members, who serve without compensation.  The six lawyers and three non-lawyers are each appointed by the Michigan Supreme Court for a term of three-years.  A member may not serve more than two terms. 

 The Commission’s Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson are appointed to one-year terms by the Michigan Supreme Court.  The Commission’s Secretary is elected by its members.

  • Victor A. Fitz, III, Chairperson - term ending 10/1/19
  • Valerie R. White, Vice-Chairperson - term ending 10/1/20
  • Latoya M. Willis, Secretary - term ending 10/1/21
  • Cathy Joan Pietrofesa, PHD, Member - term ending 10/1/21
  • Jeffrey J. Sakwa, Member - term ending 10/1/19
  • Cheryl A. Bush, Attorney Member - term ending 10/1/20
  • Thomas G. Kienbaum, Attorney Member - term ending 10/1/20
  • James Webb, Layperson Member - term ending 10/1/20
  • Mary Chartier, Attorney Member - term ending 10/1/20